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Tustin Locksmith Store Tustin, CA 714-548-3102Your garage door not only protects your car and home, but it also contributes to the décor of your home. If you need a new one installed in Tustin, CA, then Tustin Locksmith Store ’s expert locksmiths are your best bet. We offer a professional garage door installation service for residential and commercial property owners in the local region. We have installed garage doors for numerous homes as well as businesses over the years, even on an emergency basis. You can rely on us to do the job quickly, and we won’t make you pay through your nose for a new door either.

Options we have on offer:

What kind of doors can our garage door installation service set you up with? We sell 4 basic types of garage doors to home and commercial property owners in Tustin and nearby regions on an urgent basis:

  • Swing out: Swing out variants include two sections that open outwards, just like regular doors. They are a good choice when you want something that looks distinctive.
  • Roll Up: Roll up doors both conserve space as well as look good. You can raise them automatically with a remote.
  • Swing up: They swing outwards and flatten against the roof. They are a good choice when space isn’t a problem.
  • Side sliding: These will, of course, move to the side when they are opened. They are not a good choice when space is a constraint.

Common materials used

Here are some of the most popular materials they are made out of:

  • Wood: Wooden doors look great and are affordable. However, they may not always provide a great deal of security and require a lot of maintenance.
  • Steel: Steel variants are very tough and not very expensive when it comes to garage door installation. They also don’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum doors can prove to be expensive, especially if you get the latest variants. They will last you a long time, though, and they will help your property stand out.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass types are expensive, but lightweight, strong, and last for a long time.

Which one do I need?

The door you need will depend on your unique requirements, budget, and property specifications. Our garage door installation experts can be called upon to survey your property 24/7 and help you pick the best one.

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